To photograph is to paint with light.

Everything can be photographed; it just depends how you do it.

My work is manipulated photography, mostly camera-based.

I like to experiment: black/white, colour, analogue/digital, fine prints/photocopies, mixed media, filters, screens - if it’s supportive of my goal, I use it, preferring to question rather than explain, visually. 

I nurture surface and texture - and the beauty inherent in decay and imperfections, e.g. the “noise” stemming from long exposures or pixels. 

My latest project is an interpretation of select photographs in my family's albums. 

Photography's potential to reveal sides of the world not visible to us, thanks to the cameras' lenses and light - and the element of chance - never ceases to fascinate me. 


- In 2022 I was admitted to KABK, The Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

- During 2020 I started studying under the guidance of Ingela and Thomas Skytte at Spektrum Art School, Copenhagen.

-- For two years, 2012-2014, I studied with JH Engstrøm and Margot Wallard at Atelier Smedsby in Paris.


My work has been exhibited and chosen for censured exhibitions and competitions in Denmark, France and Italy, e.g.:

- 2023: "Continuum Of Us", Arden Asbæk Gallery, group show, Copenhagen, Denmark

- 2020: Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling, Janus Bygningen, Tistrup, Denmark

- 2015: Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, France

- 2014: Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, France

- 2014: Gomma Grant 


The images presented here are a small sample of my work.

You are welcome to contact me for further information at:  petertpetersen[at]gmail.com


Peter T. Petersen